Sunday, August 22, 2010

The First Impression

They say, the first impression is the last impression. Of couse the first day at college is all about knowing your institution, your classmates and making impressions. Gives jitters to many (at least me). At OCTAVE Business School, the perspective was changed when the first day orientation session was a way lot different than the usual. It was much of a fun affair, where the students got to know each other in a non-formal way which made everyone in the classroom comfortable and pepped up their interest for the next part.

We were fortunate enough to have Mr. Jay Chopde, CEO Infospectrum India Private Limited as our special guest (chief guest for the session) who addressed us about the industry and spoke about his own experiences. It is not everyday that you get to interact with someone as experienced as Mr. Chopde. That gave an idea on what kind of industry exposure we would be getting at OCTAVE and also get to know people in the industry so closely.

The class was in awe while Mr. Chopde talked about his experiences and gave information regarding industry scenario in the current world.

The next part of the session was the most fun-filled event but also involved seriousness. It was a games session which was going to analyse how we worked in teams. The first one 'Lost at the sea' saw each individual prioritising things on a list for his/her survival until they are rescued. The next part was to prioritise the things as a group. And believe me, after participating in the group activity, I prefer being lost at the sea with my friends and not alone (even if there was little room on the only life boat we would be left with), because in the moment of panic I would want someone to tell me that the map I have selected as the second thing on the list is that of the Pacific and we are lost at the Atlantic!

The next game was the 'Egg Drop Game' wherein the teams were asked to build a structure which would house an egg in it and when dropped from a 10ft height would prevent the egg from breaking. After much of planning on design and finance, (we were given 1000 points as currency to buy specific things and make the best structure from a minimum possible budget.) exchanging of our 'valuable' ideas, my team came up with a structure which.... made the egg ready for an omelet. It broke.

Next part involved briefing us about the college, studies and the campus. It gave an idea that hard work was going to be the most important factor during these two years. The session ended with the screening of a video. It showed a disabled man's determination to stand up again after falling down. Considering that the man in the video was unfortunate not to have his limbs, the video taught us to have faith in ourselves to achieve the goal in our life and always stand up whenever we fall down.

The first impression of OCTAVE on me was of team-work, confidence, hard work and determination. And about my first impression, well, I guess, OCTAVE will surely change 'my first impression' that I would make on the world after two years.
  • By Aditi Deodhar


  1. gud one aditi....
    but its only a trailer theres a whole 2 yrs of movie left....aage aage dekho hota hai kya...?
    n abt the 1st day leave abt the impression of OCATVE but abt the Mr. JAY CHOPDE...he looked as if he just came frm a marathon or a gym or sum that kind...tight black t-shirt ,black jeans..fully drenched in sweat....completely messed hairs.......but after sum word he spoke , thats the time when i came to know the reason abt his condition....arey yaarr he is beaten by entrepreneur bug..."Entrepreneurs are born not made" the Personalities are not what they look , but what they do....... n that what is important in life....."WHAT U DO".

  2. hmmm... I am imagining u after 10 years!!!!
    giving guest lecture to octavians of that time :)

  3. LOL....i will be giving lectures in mini octace.....(Geetika mam effect)