Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gaining confidence through public speaking

It was a wonderful experience to address the crowd of career launcher as an Octavian. We were very excited to share our experiences with the other MBA aspirants. We had a head start with Chandani addressing the crowd about her personal experiences at Octave followed by Samyak who gave a wonderful introduction of all our directors. Gaurav Kakran then elaborated in details about the guest lectures we had. My part was to address the crowd about the various committees we have at Octave and the way we carry different projects in groups. It was really encouraging when the crowd listened attentively to each and every word I said. It was a nice experience to explain everyone about the very unique committees we have. Some of them were really worth mentioning like the Industrial relationship committee, Public relationship committee and the entrepreneurship committee. Besides I also told them about the Diwali project we are carrying out.

Being an MBA student it is very important to learn soft skills. It boosts your confidence and you can see the change in yourself when you start developing your interactive skills. We give the credit to Octave to help us develop our personality.
  • By Prutha Deshpande

It was a nice experience to deliver a small speech in front of a huge crowd.

Initially I was very nervous regarding how should I speak in front of such a huge crowd but later when I started with my part I found that it is not very tough to speak if you are clear in your thoughts and had practiced about it.
  • By Samyak Jain

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  1. hey, that was great.
    please, upload the guest lecture which you get in the college.