Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Diwali Project

When it comes to learning, the practical way is the most effective. It was on these lines that OCTAVE decided to push their students right into the market to learn business. The ‘Diwali Project’ was one of a kind experience for entire 2010-12 batch on how a firm runs a business.
The project was all about starting a business venture with a capital amount in hand. The meetings of the respective groups, delegation of posts, of selection of products, market research, risk analysis, SWOT analysis, marketing, advertising, sales and a lot more was done within one month. And the results were great in terms of gross profit.
Executing such a project successfully, even before the completion of first semester, definitely boosts up the confidence of pursuing the dream of entrepreneurship in future.
The real earning out of the project was not the profit but the knowledge gained by practical things like working in organization, managing people and conflicts, handling disturbances, surviving in the group and most importantly: convincing customers to buy your product.
A very good learning experience indeed!
  • By Nikhil Pote & Aditi Deodhar



  1. Harsh Khombhadia
  2. Samyak Jain
  3. Prutha Deshpande
  4. Somesh Mishra
  5. Mohit Mohta
  6. Yashica Singh
PRODUCTS: Rice Lights and Torans

GROUP 2: The Grandeurs

  1. Mukul Agrawal
  2. Aditi Deodhar
  3. Gaurav Ganvir
  4. Tejaswini Giripunje
  5. Sneha Amte
  6. Gaurav Kakran

PRODUCTS: Designer diyas and candles

Group 3: Sprouts n Roots

  1. Piyush Jugade
  2. Saurabhh Ambaselkar
  3. Amol Dhopte
  4. Ashish Hatwar
  5. N Deepak

Products: Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

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